Libramont: the most convivial professional gathering

To present the Libramont Fair is to enter an original world with an infinite variety of faces, where aspects seen elsewhere as contradictory become complementary: professional and convivial, rigour and joie de vivre, tradition and innovation, international and local, safe and carefree.

The atmosphere at Libramont is conducive to the pleasures of getting reacquainted. It has that special atmosphere particular to rural gatherings. Friendliness permeates the fairgrounds and can be seen when people smile at one another or when they share the latest news. The Libramont Fair is a holiday for farmers between hay and harvest time. All in all, it’s doing business while having fun. Libramont is an important time for making connections.

Have a good visit!

Ardenne joyeuse, a convivial space

Enjoy yourself at Ardenne joyeuse, En Terre Bio or the Sentier des Saveurs. Almost 100 producers and artisans are waiting for you with their regional products.


Events and activities

Faces are relaxed around the event rings.

Numerous performances, shows and demonstrations contribute to the special atmosphere.