Luxembourg Créative: Smart Farming, when the digital world works for agriculture!”


Whether it’s drones, sensors or autonomous tractors, we see numerous technological innovations being developed in the agriculture sector.
Bernard Tychon, professor at the University of Liege, uses multiple examples to illustrate the background of digitisation, which helps the agricultural world, and he emphasises their potential costs.

You will have the opportunity to listen to three testimonials: TerrEye is a company which specialises in the collection and processing of geospatial data for farmers and forestry workers. Guillaume Janssens, its co-founder, will explain how he created the RéGIS platform and its usefulness for daily management in a rural setting.
What if we told you that developing agriculture start-ups isn’t just for Silicon Valley? That here in Wallonia, farmers are innovating with easy-to-use tools? Henri Louvigny, manager of the start-up LEA, will explain how he, as a farmer, developed useful applications for the industry, notably for fattening management and online sales.

Regarding livestock, we also suggest seeing the innovative project developed by veterinarians Anne-Sophie Rao and Léonard Theron. Their programme, Salve, can analyse existing data from Walloon cattle herds and warn breeders and veterinarians of changes, thereby allowing them to take quicker action, leading to fewer losses.
13:00: Opening statement (VHA)
13:05: Bernard Tychon (ULiège)
13:30: Guillaume Janssens (TerrEye)
13:45: Henri Louvigny (LEA and other programmes)
14:00: Anne-Sophie Rao (RumeXperts)
14:15: Q&A 14:30: End of event

Hall 3 - salle LEC1
July 27
13.00 – 14.30
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Bernard Tychon (ULiège) Guillaume Janssens (TerrEye) Henri Louvigny (LEA) Anne-Sophie Rao (RumeXperts)
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