Programme for 29 July

The Ardennes draught horse driving competition

Par Ardennes draught horse stud book

10th Belgian “gaits and conformation” championship for the Franches-Montagnes breed

Par Libramont Fair

On Sunday, July 29th, as part of the Libramont Fair, the Association Belge du Cheval Franches-Montagnes (B.F.M.A.) will organise its tenth Swiss Franches-Montagnes horse breed championship.

"Aston le Taureau” (Aston the Bull) show

Par Sabine Rouas

Aston the bull was brought up with horses. He will show off his equestrian skills which rival those of the horses.

Le dextre des bayos show: a ponying number with no bits or restraints

Par Cathy Mititig

Cathy Mittig and her two Bayo ponies are presenting a ponying number with no bits or restraints. This performance reflects the bond between the three companions and their hard work.
Bayo refers to the golden coats of “Imperial”, a Lusitanian gelding, and “Destiny Royalty”, a Welsh Section A gelding. Take a journey with them and experience a brief moment of freedom.

La poste de Coco: equestrian performance

Par Coraline Huls

by Coraline (10 years old), who will present her Roman riding number with her ponies, Arwen and Junior.

Événement du July 29