the Innovation & Smart Farming

Visit the farm of the future!

The Libramont Fair features a selection of high-performance digital products and services.

In collaboration with Digital Wallonia, the Libramont Fair has set up a smart farming area with 10 Walloon exhibitors: TerrEye, Technobel, Spacebel, Gembloux Agro Bio Tech, MIC, Easy-Agri, Dminor, Centre de Recherche Agronomique Wallonie, Agence wallonne de l’élevage and Agronova. Other companies from the digital sector will also be present: Sencrop, Miimosa, Piloter sa Ferme, C2I – bâtimentmoinschers, Cowsonweb, Soil, ALB Innov and Becarv.

The goal is to present their digital innovations for the development of high-performance sustainable farming. There will also be product demonstrations in this space throughout the Fair.

Espace Smart Farming à la Foire de Libramont

The Libramont Fair is an open-air living lab for the agricultural sector. That’s why Digital Wallonia brings together and initiates new activities around “Smart Farming”. Discover the exhibitors of the smart farming space, but also several new innovative projects see precursors around the digital Digital Wallonia Champions and the agricultural sector Over the last two years, several personalities from the agricultural world have been awarded the title of Digital Wallonia Champions. These personalities, present at the Libramont Fair, are all at the origin of innovative digital projects in the sector agricultural.


Developed with the help of the FoRS research center at Hénallux, Agronova presents the prototype of Ceres. This kitchen robot manages an organic vegetable garden completely autonomously, including in urban areas. In perfect autonomy, its articulated head changes tools according to the needs of each plant in order to optimize the yield.


Presentation of a forage wrapping film (Agrirepel Wrap) integrating a protection against the pests and thus an optimization of the conservation of the fodder.


Beyers International, specialized in the transport of maritime containers presents the ‘Side Loader’.
This semi-container vessel is used to pick up and drop sea containers up to a total load of 35 t of truck floor, ground truck, truck to truck, train truck and truck train for all types of trucks. containers