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Welcome to the Libramont Fair

A unique event

The Libramont agriculture, forestry and agribusiness Fair is the largest open-air fair in Europe. Each year, it welcomes nearly 200,000 visitors, 700 exhibitors and 4,000 brands on a 200,000 m² site.

Libramont takes place every year at the last weekend of July. It is followed by Demo Forest in even-numbered years and by the International Grassland Day every four years.

An event with many facets

Libramont is the most convivial professional gathering.

It is an exceptional showcase of rural life, which it approaches from many angles: machinery, livestock, forestry, agribusiness, horticulture, market gardening, civil engineering, research, education and culture.

A mission

The Libramont Fair’s mission is to connect us all, children of the Earth, to elicit questioning and to bring out and share innovative and sustainable solutions for agriculture, forestry and the environment.

Values to share

Exploration : Let’s explore and broaden the possibilities

Friendliness : Let’s create moments that encourage discussion

Collaboration : Let’s work together on the world of tomorrow

Courage : Let’s dare to change

Flexibility : Let’s be flexible to change and adapt

Experience Libramont and build real, sustainable relationships!

Libramont is a place for discussions and friendly meetings, a true living laboratory where you can touch, smell, taste, hear and see the world of tomorrow.

Vous voyez à la Foire de Libramont

You see

From afar, a thousand waving banners. The booms of machines pointing proudly towards the sky. The flow of people going towards the entrances. Welcome!

You are already living the Libramont experience.

You hear

The neighing of Ardennes draught horses. Inspiring conferences, news from the sector, solutions and advice as well as laughter and, most likely, a “thank you” at some point.

You breathe

The pure air of the countryside you love so much, or that you might sometimes forget to visit. The hay for feeding the animals. And then, the smell of regional products prepared with passion.

You touch

The hand of a friend you meet on the path.  With finesse, the touchscreen of this or that latest machine. Gently, the animals waiting to be petted.

Vous goutez à la Foire de Libramont

You taste

The thousand and one flavours, the fruits of the know-how of artisans who are proud of their region. A beer, a Walloon wine, an ice cream, a sausage and some Belgian Blue. There’s certainly something for everyone’s taste at Libramont.

Vous ressentez à la Foire de Libramont

You feel

Pride in belonging to this community. The magic which distils and reconnects you to the earth. Optimism, too. That “je ne sais quoi” that makes all the difference here.

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An event with many facets


A unique place to meet up with colleagues, friends and family



Libramont is also “the place to be” for the meeting of an entire sector

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