Dairy & Animal Health

If you’re a dairy farmer, are involved in the dairy industry or if you have animals, meet us at the centre of interest and itinerary dedicated to the dairy sector and to animal health. The dairy and animal health centre of interest, located in Hall 1, is a space for meetings, discussions and solutions for everything related to your work. Located adjacent to Hall 2 and near the competition rings, the centre is also the start of a tour where you will find advice and technical solutions: milking equipment, special breeding equipment, services and advice, dairy farming, animal genetics, animals on exhibit, assistance organisations, biomethanisation, etc.

Why visit the dairy and animal health centre of interest and itinerary?

Because animal health and human health are intimately linked, specialists devote themselves daily to researching and developing new products, tools and services, to assisting breeders and to the proper care of animals. Meet them at Libramont.

Because you have questions about the quality of your dairy production. You question the efficiency of your set-up and are looking for advice.

Because you have heard that you need to get closer to consumers and you’d like to find out how.